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Traditional Special

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka


Tandoori Mixed

Tandoori King Prawn







Tikka Massala

Marinated meats or seafood chargrilled in a tandoori oven and

immersed in an opulent, creamy almond sauce. Mild to taste.


Combination of saffron, mixed nuts with a velvety cream and

yoghurt sauce. A good introduction to Indian food.


Mushroom sauce of a complex nature, an explosion of flavours, releasing

at first a mellow sweetness promptly followed by a subdued kick of spice

and finished off by a pleasurable tang.


Mixed peppers and onions in a medium strength sauce finished off

with crunchy green chillies. A firm favourite for one who prefers a

more challenging dish.

Garlic Chilli

Char roasted meats cooked in a fresh garlic sauce with

coriander leaves and crisp, fresh chillies.


A classic Sylheti favourite. Succulent pieces of lamb or chicken in a medium

strength yoghurt and podina sauce producing a sharp mint like finish.

Butter Chicken

Strips of tandoori chicken laced with a silky plumb tomato

and makhon sauce. A refined and elegant dish.


Cooked in a karahi with fresh garlic, ginger,

herbs sliced onions and capsicums.

Tandoori Murghi Massala - £9.50

Tender strips of chicken in a rich tomato and minced

lamb ragout. Cooked with a boiled egg.


Traditional Dishes

Chicken or Lamb


Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka

Tandoori Mix

King Prawn

Tandoori King Prawn










The traditional basic curry, served at desired strengths:

Madras, Vindaloo, Tindaloo or Phall.


Sweet, creamy, coconut sauce.


A flowing medium strength sauce cooked with pineapple.


A Parsee dish originating from Western India. A combination or lentil sauce

with pineapple producing a sweet, sour and slightly hot sauce.


A fairly condensed tomato and onion sauce, with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Fairly hot with a sweet and sour finish.


Tomato and onion sauce, simmered for a considerable amount of time until

the meat is tender and the sauce is well reduced.

Rogan Josh

A speciality origination from the mountainous province in India - Kashmir. A rich bhuna

sauce style complemented by a garlic, tomato, onion and coriander sambal.


Crisp, chunky cut onions and capsicums dressed in a reduced strength onion gravy.


Sauteed spinach and garlic blended with a reduced sauce. A must amongst connoisseurs.


Very rich in taste, served usually at medium strength. Cooked and served in an iron dish.



This style of cooking entails marinating meats then roasting over charcoal in a tandoori oven.

All dishes are accompanied by a mixed leaf salad.


Tandoori Chicken

Chicken Tikka

Lamb Tikka

Sheek Kebab

Chicken or Lamb Shashlick

Tandoori Fish

Sizzler Special (with Nan)

Tandoori King Prawn












Basmati rice cooked with a selection of dried spices, i.e. cardamom, cinnamon,

star anise and saffron. Complemented with vegetable curry.


Vegetable OR Mushroom Biryani

Chicken OR Lamb OR Prawn Biryani

Chicken Tikka OR Lamb Tikka Biryani

Malayan Biryani (with Pineapple)

Persian Biryani (with Omelette)

King Prawn Biryani

Tandoori Mix Biryani

Tandoori King Prawn Biryani











English Dishes

Fried Chicken & Chips

Scampi & Chips

Any Omelette & Chips

Sirloin Steak & Chips






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